Carlo Castillo

  • Responsibility: User Researcher
  • Experience: 18 Years
  • Email:
  • Phone: +91590 088 55

Personal experience

Since embarking on my journey as an User Researcher at seragin in 2005 my professional expertise has expanded across a vast spectrum of intricacies within this dynamic field. As a dedicated User Researcher, my focal point revolves around harnessing a multitude of skills to extend comprehensive guidance and support to individuals embarking..

So, welcome to this expedition—an expedition fueled by dedication, a panoramic view of expertise, and an unrelenting determination to escort individuals through the intricate passages of immigration. This journey shares a common thread with web design—precision. Just as web designers carefully.

Professional skills

As an Financial Consultant User Researcher , my career has been built upon a solid foundation of expertise and proficiency in guiding individuals through the intricate landscape of Financial Consultant.


User Researcher




Communication Skills


Passion for Helping

Career guidelines

A career in user research involves understanding and advocating for the needs, preferences, and behaviors of users to improve products and services. Here are some career guidelines and insights about becoming a successful user researcher:

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